Hi there, you have reached the personal web page of Florian Hahn.

Currently I am working as a software engineer at Arm's Manchester office, where I work on improving upstream LLVM, support for Arm's Scalable Vector Extension and open-sourcing code from our commercial HPC compiler.

Before moving to Manchester, I graduated from ETH Z├╝rich earning a Master's degree in Computer Science. In 2014 I received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology.

I am interested in compilers, programming languages, software verification and software engineering in general.

In my spare time I try to contribute to open source projects big and small.

Projects and Open Source Contributions

contributing patches to the middle-end, codegen and the AArch64 & Arm backends
contributing patches improving AArch64 support
contributed patches to the compiler frontend and the standard library
contributed some patches to the package manager
contributed patches improving code quality and tooling
contributed patches mainly for the database layer
developed a luajit bytecode interpreter in RPython